#OhanaChai is very proud to be a sponsor of #ApexChamp18

How #OhanaChai started?

Amy Oplinger & Vipul Goel started #OhanaChai as a result of their connections with the Salesforce community in India. She found that she was doing many one-off video calls with different Indian community members, and because of the time difference, she found scheduling the individual calls a little bit difficult to accommodate.

She knew that fellow MVP Lauren Touyet had started a video meetup for Ohana around the world called #OhanaCoffee, and a lightning bulb went off in her mind!

She sent Lauren Touyet, a message that she was starting a similar version to connect with people in India, and #OhanaChai was born! Next, she reached out to Vipul Goel to ask him if he was interested in being a co-host, and he accepted. They meet every few months to chat about Salesforce, community events and our personal lives.

She thinks it’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with each other and strengthen the friendships around the world.

Please like the Salesforce Amy page on Facebook to stay up to date for future #OhanaChai meetups.

See you soon, friends!